Meet our Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors

About Us

On behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome to our community website.
Feel free to explore the features available to the public on this site.

Tom Burns​

Phase IV, President

Tom Walls

Phase IV, Vice President


Ava Broukaert


​Dolores Gelosi

Phase III, President

Linda Heichman​

Phase III, Vice President

Our Story

Forty-five years ago, Tamarac was virgin territory and condominiums became a new concept in life style. The warmth and sunshine in Florida were a powerful lure to people who lived in cold climates. The trek to the South was almost phenomenal in scope. We came not in covered wagons, but in 747’s and staked our claims to a new beginning. In May 1974, the first residents began moving into Lime Bay. Lime Bay was one of the hundreds of Condominiums dotting the South Florida landscape. But it was an outstanding one – a place where one can live as one chooses. The air was clean and the sun was warm.
Leadership Developers had paved the way for volunteers to take over the planning and managing required. They had arranged for a social director to organize social clubs. Lime Bay was a beehive of activities with a full schedule of meetings, parties, and shows. Also, many friendships were formed at the poolside. As we look back through the years, can you imagine the countless events that took place in the Lime Bay Clubhouse. As you enter the lobby it stands, imposing, yet inviting, walls covered with bulletin boards with meeting notices, activities and assorted items of interest. The lobby includes a reception desk and business offices, pool room a library and card rooms.
As the years move on, we ask, what makes- Lime Bay a viable condominium? Only the dedication of the multitude of volunteers who attend to the hundred and one items that must be attended to on a daily basis. And overall, a capable, knowledgeable Board of Directors carrying on the affairs of this multi-million-dollar corporation with forty-two acres of ground, eighteen three-story buildings, tennis courts, shuffle board courts and pools where fifteen hundred fortunate “Seniors” live out the American Dream. Be Active, Be Social, and the Fun is Guaranteed!

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